Joyful Cooking, Healthier Living

Spring is Here (Finally!)

After an especially cold, snowy, and long winter, the emergence of bright blooms and green leaves is most welcome. Early spring greens and herbs are appearing at farm markets.  Lunchtime walks and early evening strolls are more enjoyable.  And every week there seems to be a new, freshly picked vegetable to enjoy!



A few years ago I set out to dramatically improve my health.  I cut out meat, fried food, and sugar.  I started running and practicing yoga, and I juice cleansed once at least every quarter.  But I wasn't getting enough sleep and was a bundle of stress.  I treated every 'healthy' pursuit like it was a job, and much of the food I ate consisted of processed meat substitutes, smoothies, and carry out.  I no longer enjoyed food or eating, and exercise dominated my free time.  I was unbalanced, unhappy, and, at 42, diagnosed with hypertension.

I felt sorry for myself for a little while, then took a step back to take a real look at the root causes for my high blood pressure - a genetic predisposition fueled by stress, lack of sleep, and processed, high sodium foods.  I realized that many of the "soul" foods l had shunned were actually healthy, and that even higher sodium foods can be enjoyed in moderation. I got back into the kitchen to cook for myself and my family, boosted our intake of fresh vegetables and fruits. and set reasonable exercise goals with a focus on enjoyment instead of 'results'. I took other measures as well - 'cleaning up' my home and bringing aesthetic beauty into everyday life.  I am healthier, happier, and content.

This blog is a journal of my pursuit of good living and good food, rooted in a heritage of self reliance, love for self and love for others. 


Hello, World!