Joyful Cooking, Healthier Living

I love Soul Food.

I come from a big, loving family of dedicated cast iron skillet and ham hock warriors.  We love our salt, sugar, butter, and fat back.  We love our food crispy, saucy, spicy, salty, and sweet.  We also suffer the encyclopedia of medical ailments that plague our community:  Hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and gout, just to name a few. Our food, plus the stress of daily life has been a killer.  Literally.

I want my family and friends to live longer, happier lives.  Of course, some things are completely out of our control, but what about the things we can control?  And how do we let go of the harmful aspects of our food culture while focusing on the true soul of soul food?

This blog represents a carefully curated collection of food, culture, American History, and medical information, plus personal stories and recipes.  I heavily reference cooks, bloggers, and food historians, and I will cue you in on where I get my provisions.  I'll share with you ideas on creating a clean, relaxing, and inviting home.  I also talk a lot about greater health and mental wellness - because stress can kill you just as effectively as your diet can.

Clean soul living?  It's not just a catchy title.  It's a daily practice.