Mackintosh Fruit Farm

I am a bit fan of pick your own farms, and there is no shortage of them here in the DMV.  That being said, one my favorites is the Mackintosh Fruit Farm in beautiful Berryville, Virginia.  I found this great family farm when looking for a place to go berry picking with the kids, and was excited to see how much stuff they grow through the seasons.

Started as a apple and peach orchard in 1998, the Mackintosh family expanded over the years to add more fruits and berries, and also started planting a whole mess of awesome vegetables.  I subscribe to the farm's newsletter, which keeps me on top of what is ready to pick each week, and me and husband pack up the kids and sunscreen and make the 1 hour drive West toward the Shenandoah when that week's crop beckons.  I am an especially big fan of their collards, okra, peaches, and always try to be one of the first on the scene when the strawberries are ready.

The Mackintoshs adhere to organic farming principles and use combination of organic matter and farming techniques to grow healthy, lovely crops.  My kids love combing the rows of trees, bushes, and vegetables to "shop" for our dinner.  Not only does it teach them to further appreciate where their food comes from (and how much work it takes to grow it) but it is a fun day trip.  The farm has a great farm stand with a cafe and patio where we always grab lunch after a morning of picking.  And did I mention the variety of things to pick?  They even have concord grapes!

Mackintosh also hosts farm dinners once a month, cooking classes, and holds a harvest festival in the fall. So check out their site, sign up for the newsletter, and plan your trip to Mackintosh Fruit Farm! 

Mackintosh Fruit Farm


Shenandoah Valley