Clean(er) Kitchen

I do a lot of cooking on the weekend so that the family has as many good, homemade dinners as I can crank out for the week.  By Sunday evening I've got a refrigerator full of containers and a filthy kitchen.   Even though I am really good about keeping the counters wiped down and the dishwasher going, I give the kitchen a serious scrubbing down each night.  

I prepare food to be cooked and food to be eaten fresh in different parts of the kitchen, and meat has its own cutting board.  Still, I am hyper-vigilant about disinfecting every surface including the floor, which my two-year-old uses as an alternative eating surface.  

I've had different levels of success with natural cleaners.  Some are too funky-smelling, some have no scent at all, and others leave a streaky or sticky residue behind.  Surprisingly, most only get a 'C' rating at the Environmental Working Group (though that is much better than the F rating the chemical cleaners get.) There are some clear winners, though.

My hands down favorite right now is Sapadilla's Countertop Cleanser and All Purpose Cleaner.  I use the Grapefruit + Bergamot and Lavender + Lime scents, which have just the right amount of fragrance and leave my kitchen smelling divine.  They also clean brilliantly and leave no residue.  I haven't found them in my local store yet, so I buy online at The Detox Market.

I've also been using Seventh Generation's products for years now, and they are good performers.  After prepping raw meat I like to use the Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner to wipe down surfaces (it can also be used in the bathroom). This workhorse gets an 'A' from the Environmental Working Group and is easy to find in stores. 

I still go to Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products from time to time - I LOVE the scent of their Iowa Pine and though it's not the cleanest product, it sure smells crisp and festive.

Finally, I've replaced the Swiffer with Casabella's Microfiber Spray Mop, which features an earth-friendly washable microfiber pad - you can keep extra pads on hand and wash out used ones either in the washing machine or by hand in the sink.  No more buying expensive disposable pads scented with headache-causing chemicals. 

Happy cleaning!