Making Time for Yoga

I'm always a little bit slow to launch into my resolutions at the beginning of the year, and this year is no exception.  I also try not to set goals that are too lofty ("volunteer every weekend") or fantastical ("achieve perfect curls") but are instead grounded in reality.  Of course, every resolution is aimed at either self-improvement, improving personal and community relationships, or both.

One of my goals this year is to re-activate my yoga practice.  It seems like every day I have been surrendering more and more of my personal time to work and others, which means I'm only working in yoga or running a couple of times a week.  So, I made a resolution to move meaningfully at least a little bit everyday in 2017. 

Gratefully, Yoga Works is launching its 14-Day Yoga Challenge on January 23.  As I've written about before, Yoga Works is great because they offer a full suite of classes online, 24/7.  There are 10 minute classes, one hour classes, and classes of varying length in between.  There are also all levels, which makes yoga accessible to all.  

Whether you are an experienced Yogi or beginner, this two week challenge is a great way to start off the new year right.  Just make sure you sign up before January 23rd - starting that day you'll get a daily email, tips, information about resources, and a chance to win prizes.  I am really looking forward to this year's challenge and I invite you to join me!