No Time to Get to the Yoga Studio?

No Time to Get to the Yoga Studio?

I love going to yoga class.  I’m not the super-lithe, extra bendy type, but I have been practicing long enough to have reaped the benefits of strength, balance, and (decent) flexibility.  Plus, because I am someone who runs on all cylinders, starting or ending the day with a class is something I always look forward to.

But like most folks, I just cannot seem to find enough hours in the day to do everything I want for myself.  I am sometimes successful at rising before the kids are up and drive to the local studio for a one hour Vinyasa.  This requires me to sleep in my yoga gear, get up, and rush to the studio (half asleep and driving) - then rush back home to get the kids and myself ready for our 40-minute commute.  I’m usually late for work under these circumstances.

Luckily, I have been on YogaWorks’ mailing list since being a member when we lived in SoCal.  I loved my YogaWorks location.  The teachers were fantastic, the facility was gorgeous and serene, and the first class was at 5:30am.  They never shamed me for a foot cramp or falling over.  Plus, they had showers and lockers for ultimate convenience.   So when I got an email from YogaWorks about their new online classes, I did not hesitate to sign up.

It is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  

Yogaworks has about 1000 classes online at all levels.  Classes range from a few minutes to over an hour.  They also have series and challenges, which you can pursue on your own time.  The subscription is way less expensive than regularly attending class in person, and access is unlimited.  I get charged on a monthly basis and can renew every few months.

I don’t need to tell you that countless legit medical studies have concluded that the health hype surrounding yoga is real. 

Now, if you have never taken a yoga class before, I don’t know if it is advisable to venture beyond the Level I classes on your own.  Plus, I still go to an in person class from time to time for one-on-one help with alignment.  But having the online classes available removes the “stress” or trying to make it to the studio when time is already so tight.

YogaWorks offers a trial period so you can check them out and see if it‘s for you.  I strongly encourage you to try it. 

I love starting the day on my mat while everyone is still sleeping.  It is my time, and I spend it well.